About Us
I have been wrenching on bikes since I was 12 and had customers by 14. I started specializing on Harleys about 21 years ago and have had a passion for working on them. I have been on both sides of the counter and never forget that no one is just a customer. These are my family, my brothers and sisters and partners in the wind. You will ALWAYS get the best price, I guarantee it but mostly, you will never find anyone more committed to your satisfaction.
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Why Choose Us?

Well that’s a question you have to figure out yourself. But below I have listed 4 standout reasons.

Mechanic that knows a bike should never leave the shop with a new scratch
Bike always gets polished and cleaned prior to saying she’s all done
I will always shop around for you and show you exactly what I paid for all parts
A shop that doesn’t have a graveyard. Your bike will never collect dust here and you will be informed of any delays