Cleaning and Detailing

We help you restore the look of your vehicle, giving it a pristine and glorious look. Our cleaning and detailing offer a superior finish that is glossy smooth and gives your paint and chrome the ultimate shine. We use high-quality soap for the leather that gets the toughest stains off easily. All our services are ideal and offer you the finish you expect.

Pre-ride inspections

If you are considering traveling for a long distance and need to ensure your vehicle is in the right condition, then our pre-ride inspections can help. We offer superior diagnostic and evaluation services that look for all the intricate details, giving you clearer insights about your vehicle. Our comprehensive inspections cover a broad spectrum that gives you the peace of mind you deserve while going on a long road trip.

Dyno Tuning

Our dyno tuning is only for people who want the ultimate performance from their bikes. With the new Dynojet 250I, we can assure you that your motorcycles will get the best tuning in the market. Our Dynojet tuning includes programmable tuning to optimize fuel efficiency, throttle response, and power. We help our customers experience their motorcycles on a whole new level with our superior tuning services.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical works can be hard to detect, even for professional technicians. However, at Hopkins Performance Harleys, we have been in the field since 21 years to effectively diagnose the problem and offer you convenient and reliable services. Our services are designed to provide you with value for your money and ensuring long-lasting results.

Tire Change

Changing the tire is not as simple as it seems. When it comes to your motorcycles, you need to ensure that your tires are in optimum condition and have the right balance between minimizing wear and tear and optimizing performance. Next time you need a tire change, experience our services and learn the difference yourself.

Oil Change

Your motorcycles do not need random engine oil, as it can ruin your performance and increase wear and tear. We rely on synthetic oil and genuine K&N filters that give you the performance you need while ensuring your engine is lubricated to minimize friction and perform at peak output without strain.

General Repairs

We undertake all types of repair work, including general oil change, brake service and maintenance, and more. Our general repairs pertain to any mechanical, electrical, or other issues that you incur. Visit us and experience professional craftsmanship and ultimate customer service.

Engine and Transmission Rebuilding

Rebuilding the engine and transmission takes up a lot of experience to ensure high output and lasting results. We are highly experienced in rebuilding engines and transmissions for motorcycles and deliver an outstanding job. Our experienced technicians never cut corners and inspect even the tiniest details to ensure your engines are built to perfection.